Purpose:       To strengthen fingers and grip; to train proper fist formation; Helps to maintain flexibility and agility in fingers and wrists.

This is an exercise that can be done anywhere (at the office, taking a walk, watching TV, in the car) and no one will notice or know you are training.

The Exercise:     (apply to both hands)

1. Flex the fingers wide apart and straight. (figure #1) 

Week1 1

2. Curl the fingers to the bridge of the palm. (figure #2)  

 Week1 2

3. Roll the fingers into a tight powerful fist. (figure #3)

             Notice: Palm bridge rolled inside feels like a roll of dimes.

  Week1 3

4. Cover second row of knuckles with the thumb. (figure 4)

 4b. Tighten/squeeze fist.

            Notice: Forearm muscles tighten.

 Week1 4

Squeeze and hold the fist tight 1 – 3 seconds. (figure # 5)

  Week1 5

5. Release grip by unrolling fingers back to flex position.

6. Relax all tension in fingers for 1 – 2 seconds. (figure # 6)

  Week1 6

7. Repeat often.

Casual Practice Examples

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