Introduction: The Leg Swing is an exercise that provides multiple benefits. The swing provides excellent stretch for the legs, improves balance, sharpens the eye, improves focus, and disciplines the mind. (This exercise is being presented in two forms – Karate and Tai Chi.)

The Exercise: 

1. Start from a “Left Front Stance”                                     (Figure 1) (figure 1a-side view)

  • Feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Left foot forward knee bent, Right foot rear, leg straight.
  • Both feet flat on floor.
  • Left hand extended in front of center of chest; Right hand at side or on right hip.

      K LS 1    

      K LS 2


2. Keep left hand and head still as you swing the right foot up in a straight arc toward extended hand. (Hand provides focus for eye and foot.) (Figure 2)

     K LS 3

3. Swing right foot back to starting position (feet flat on floor).                       

4. Repeat cycle 10 times.

5. Switch to and repeat techniques on other side.

NOTE: In Karate form the leg swing should be precise and specific. DO NOT stress height over form and DO NOT lose balance. Increase range and height over time and many repetitions. Good technique prepares for subsequent action, losing balance interferes with effectiveness.